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The Neuropsychology of Vision Perception and Action lab offers students a unique opportunity for training in neuropsychological approaches, fMRI, visuomotor control, visual psychophysics and high-level object vision.

Dr. Marotta is always looking for exceptional, motivated students at all levels. Students interested in pursuing Honour's research in the lab are encouraged to visit. Potential Master's and Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral Fellows are encouraged to contact Dr. Marotta for information on facilities, funding, on-going projects, and research exchanges.

Contact Dr Marotta As a research mentor, Dr. Marotta strives to help his students see that by continuing to develop their research skills and remain flexible in their approach, they will always be able to tackle the next question, no matter what form it may take. By expanding and strengthening their knowledge base, they can become more balanced researchers who are capable of successfully interacting in team research environments. By the time graduate students leave the Perception and Action Lab, they will have the skills and research experience necessary to establish their own cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience laboratories fostering sophisticated, multidisciplinary approaches to investigations of visual perception and visuomotor control.

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