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Dr Jonathan Marotta Dr Jonathan Marotta, PhD - Lab Director
Dr. Marotta is originally from Southern Ontario and received a BScH in Psychology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. He then went on to earn his MSc and PhD degrees in Neuroscience working with Dr. M.A. Goodale at the University of Western Ontario, in London.

Dr. Marotta was awarded funding by the McDonnell-Pew Program in Cognitive Neuroscience and NSERC to continue his training as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Dr. M. Behrmann's laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Marotta returned to Canada to take up a CIHR INMHA Senior Research Fellowship position in Dr. J.D. Crawford's laboratory at the Centre for Vision Research (CVR) at York University, Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Marotta is pleased to be a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of Manitoba and Lab Director of the Neuropsychology of Vision Perception and Action Lab. He and his family are enjoying all of the cultural and social activities that Winnipeg has to offer and (after living in Toronto) are thrilled to now have a backyard with grass.

    Dr Jonathan Marotta - Curriculum Vitae

Tiffay Carther-Krone Tiffany Carther-Krone, PhD Student
Tiffany will be conducting behavioural and neuroimaging investigations of visual processing.

Ryan Langridge Ryan Langridge, PhD Student
Ryan will be investigating the use of sensory feedback when grasping a moving target.

Hana Abbas Hana Abbas, MA Student
Hana will be evaluating the effects of the availabiltiy and timing of visual information on action.

Cristina Weiner Cristina Weiner, MA Student
Cristina will be exploring how sensitive anticipatory fixations are to probability manipulations of target direction during a grasping task.

Aneet Saran Aneet Saran, Honours Student, PURE Awardee

Matsya Thulasiram Matsya Thulasiram, Research Assistant


          Steve Prime, Postdoctoral Research Associate

          Jane Lawrence, Postdoctoral Research Associate

          Loni Desanghere, PhD Student

          Lee Baugh, PhD Student

          Charlotte Leferink, MA Student

          Tim Graham, MA Student

          Ben Meek, MA Student NSERC USRA

          Keri Locheed, MA Student

          Cassandra Adduri, BSc (Honours) MA Candidate

          Alanna Singer, Honours Student

          Alexie Touchette, Lab Manager, Occasional Graduate Student, NSERC USRA

          Melissa Bulloch, Lab Manager, Honours Student NSERC USRA

          Brittany Litster, Honours Student

          Kristin McPhail, BSc Honours Student NSERC USRA

          Ashleigh Schedler, BSc Honours Student Undergraduate Research Assistant

         Roman Belenya, Honours Student, PURE Awardee

          Ryan Wilson, BA Honours Student (2005-06)

          Shaw Krauchi, BA Honours Student

          Daniel Zen, Visiting Medical Student Researcher

          Marcus Schopf, Visiting Medical Student Researcher

          Taylor Sando, Lab Programmer

          Kamyar Abhari, MSc Lab Programmer

          Maziar Heidari, Lab Programmer

          Amir Meghdadi, Lab Programmer

          Heath Matheson, NSERC USRA (2005)

          Hannah Stirton, NSERC USRA

          Leslie Thorne, MA, Research Assistant

          Brian Hauri, Undergraduate Research Assistant

          Loretta Ephraim, Undergraduate Research Assistant

          Matt Bzura, Undergraduate Research Assistant

          Neil Bailey, Research Assistant

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